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Function and Uses


After installation, there is 30 day free trial period to allow ease of use.

  • Employee Registration
  • Employee Type Registration
  • Work Hour Registration
  • Mail Address
  • Closing Date Registration
  • Rounding Up Work Hours
  • Time Cut/Discard Judgment
  • Language Settings
  • Automatic Backup(*1)
  • Mail Reply Refistration

*1 With the automatic backup function, we back up the data of attendance / withdrawal every day. In the unlikely event that the iPad breaks or lost, the data will be stored on the server.

Compatible Devices

Supported OS

iOS 9.3.5 and above

※Not compatible with Android


iPad 2
iPad (3rd)
iPad 2
iPad 2
iPad 2

*This application only works with iPad.
*It may not work on older iPad or old iOS versions. For details, please refer to 動作対象
This application will charge you once the trial period expires. Please refer to the subscription plan for details.